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3 years ago
Sex should always end with the guy cumming deep inside the girl
3 years ago
Who is she?
Porn rater 3 years ago
I dont like cheaters or what not, but porn lately hasn't sold the women is a slut and want to get fucked like dogs; usually fake moans and their pussies aren't wet. The way he came in her and she wasn't happy about it sold me on the fact she is a real slut, she just wanted sex not his cum i always bust at that scene. It still had corny elements that’s porn though cant stop it, like what guy hears his girl get gutted, grows the balls to walk in the bathroom than leaves abruptly? 8/10
Mellie 2 years ago
Had that done to me. Was working late and my boss n me ended up fucking in his office ( we had done it a few times before ) my bf came round late on drunk and wanted to sleep over. He was hard in the morning and when he pushed in said I must have really wanted it as I was so wet n sticky.
LordComander 2 years ago
I don't feel sorry for her. She is a horny whore. She has curvy body, sexy tits and tight pussy. Nobody wants to pullout out the cock. She deserves that creampie
Mcblazeit420 3 years ago
What a busy whoore
Suckmytits 2 years ago
I remember fucking two guys in 1 nite, not the same time. The first guy fucked me and nutted in me, I had a skirt one so I was walking with a creampie . I got to the second guy he busted a nut in me too and when I got home my gf threw me on the bed and started eating my pussy sucking all the cum off my pussy
Perfect wife 3 years ago
Taking loads of cum!
PeterX 3 years ago
Hot girl. Perfect body and perfect pussy. I like her curly hair. Would fuck her all night long.
4 years ago
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