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3 years ago
I'm intersex and I am real cum to mei
3 years ago
This is a classic! I remember my girlfriend renting this on VHS
im lucky 7 years ago
my bf has the same cock as the first guy. he amazes my gay booty all the time
shit is weird 8 years ago
nothing turns me on like paper machei tits ther better than plastic ones(dont know how to spell machei meshay maschiey?)
Noel 8 years ago
I would love to fuck a guy with 2 dicks.THAT WOULD BE VERY INTERESTING.....!
The only thing in my mind 10 years ago
"I wonder when the Undertaker will come back..."
Anon 6 years ago
Holy shit it's /u/doubledickdude !
Younglass 2 years ago
Licky lucky my two dickys.
Saints 39 3 years ago
At the end of the video does anybody know the name of that porno
lol 8 years ago
stupid all the dicks were fake in this movie! You could see the strap in the first one, and the guys were obviously fake moaning way too much.