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Man of light 2 years ago
This is an insult to religion because I do not think a true Muslim would do this. We should respect religions and we should not despise them, this is a porn site, so be it without extension.
Ameer 2 years ago
This your sister not muslim hhha
Mmm 2 years ago
This is ur sister is not muslims u don't know any thing about islam
Mmmm 2 years ago
Wrong 2 years ago
This is wrong. You do razz a religion. This very sin. And very wrong. Dawn with you
Ali 2 years ago
You can not do This, it’s prone site so please don’t included any religion subject specially muslim
muslim 2 years ago
so bad. fuck of. wrong wrong wrong
Joe 2 years ago
Raja 2 years ago
This is seriously not acceptable admin plz remove this its totally bad y u want to show religious things just show wht is this site for very bad
IslamFKR 1 year ago
why you fkin retarded people don't show off when they upload a vid of nun or priest? why do you do that with islam? you're such a retarded nation Islam! you're watching porn while defending religion hahaha